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    Apple Power Adapters are TOO BIG

    They can make a Chevy that transforms into a gigantic flying robot, but they can’t make a smaller adapter?

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    Amazed by the Stars by Laurent Laveder

    That was a wonderful night

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    Whole-brain functional imaging at cellular resolution using light-sheet microscopy (original video file 20MB)

    Here we use light-sheet microscopy to record activity, reported through the genetically encoded calcium indicator GCaMP5G, from the entire volume of the brain of the larval zebrafish in vivo at 0.8 Hz, capturing more than 80% of all neurons at single-cell resolution.

    some background:

    young zebrafish fry, commonly known in the aquarium trade as danios, are completely transparent. this makes them ideal for neuroscience since we can see everything happening at once. scientists would like to use a voltage sensitive dye, but current dyes are too slow to show individual firing events. so for now we have to genetically engineer fish with built-in reporter proteins, in this case a calcium concentration dependent green fluorescent protein.

    a specially engineered fish is held in a block of clear gel, the microscope scans a blue laser beam across the fish 33 times a second, and a computer reconstructs the 3D volumetric image about once a second. the firing nerve cells actually glow green, not orange.  

    at 385 seconds the fish sees something in its environment that startles it. this causes an explosion of nerve activity that slowly burns out. 

    after the experiment, the fish was returned to its aquarium and monitored for changes. the scientists then attempted to map out the circuits of its brain and guess at how the neurons talk to each other. 

    questions for the class:

    1. why did the scientists use a blue laser, wouldn’t the flickering lights give the fish a seizure?
    2. why use a laser at all? why not just rotate the fish or the camera?
    3. there are no hypotheses, experiments, or conclusions. is this science?

    awesome resolution!

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    Green band trailer: ‘A Million Ways to Die in the West' | Film Thrasher

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    Work in progress for my very first commission!

    what a beautiful ability, drawing

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    The Gap

    "The most important possible thing you can do is do a lot of work…It’s only by actually going through a volume of work that you are actually going to catch up and close that gap. And the work you’re making will be as good as your ambitions." -Ira Glass on creativity.

    Yes. Always yes to this. 

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    Volveré a recuperar ese aire que dejé en aquellas flores, en ese cultivero de peces con esa primera sensación del sabor a un buen pescado. Siempre pregunto el porqué tendré que esperar tanto para que llegue ese día. Son escusas tontas el querer esperar, tuve pavor al perder, tuve un dolor desgarrador que me dejó con miedo de volver a ser. Quiero oler nuevas flores, quiero eliminar este miedo que dejó la ausencia de aquella hermosa flor.

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    Todo los días me levanto y pienso en ti, cada vez que pienso en una manera de cómo no hacerlo, pienso en cómo sopló el viento, cómo calentaba el sol y cómo la luz se reflejaba. Me levanto como si tuviera cada parte de mi cuerpo estuviera amarrada, como si mi cuerpo se rindiera a la vida. Gracias a mi mente, me levanto. Soy alguien ordinario que no dice mucho. Lo recomendable es hablarlo pero para que quiero hablar si ya se la respuesta a cada pregunta que me gustaría hacer. La vida es nutrirte y reirte de los errores y derrotas para que esos momentos de éxito y logro se conviertan en una felicidad eterna. El día que se fue, ese día me enfrenté a la vida como si hubiera estado dormido todo el tiempo. Al pasar tantos años pude entender más a las personas y dejar que sean como son porque eso es lo que decidieron ser. Yo también decidiré ser y quiero pasear al mismo instante que el tiempo lo hace. No hay nada que esperar ni a nadie a quien esperar. 

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    BANNED Carls Jr. Super Bowl Commercial

    Some ads are clearly too dirty for prime time. 

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